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Chi Siamo

We are a beautiful heterogeneous group consisting first of all of people who care about their territory and who see in it a possibility of social and cultural growth, also passing by tourism: we are farmhouses, b & b, hoteliers, farms and businesses in general, but also associations and private individuals who have decided to undertake a common and shared path of promotion of a fantastic land like Val di Sieve, which corresponds to the territory of the Union of Municipalities Valdarno-Valdisieve and that is the municipalities of Reggello, Pelago, Pontassieve, Rufina, Londa and San Godenzo, in the Florentine Mountains.

What we want is that our land is known because it is wonderful and has so much to offer: a history that has been lost in the mists of time from the Etruscans to the Romans, from the Lombards to the Florentine Renaissance; an immense culture that passes from Dante to the Della Robbia up to Ghiberti, who made the Porta del Paradiso of the Baptistery of Florence;

culture for our crops: the vine with our highly prized Chianti Rufina and Leonia di Pomino; the olive trees that from the wise peasant cultivation give us one of the most appreciated oil in Tuscany; Regina di Londa peaches, an autochthonous variety as rare as it is good!

The chestnuts of the Castagno d'Andrea at the foot of Monte Falterona, the throne of the gods in Etruscan, from where the silvery Arno was born; and still going up our wood, the Douglas fir and White Fir, cultivated since the second half of the year 1000 by the forest rules of San Gualberto, founder of Vallombrosa.

But to make this land special are the people who live there and who make the area alive, who pass down from generation to generation the wise peasant traditions and the artisan secrets, which renew the love for the culture of the territory;

And who are ready to tell a little about this land to all those who want to visit us, to let you immerse yourself for a few days in the slow rhythms dictated by nature ... not just a holiday, but an experience to take you home, not just a welcome tourist but the birth of a lasting friendship bond.

We are waiting for you in our Valli della Montagna Fiorentina!

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