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The Ecomuseum of the Florentine Mountain and fortified religious, monastic and rural settlements offers the opportunity to get to know the area through its millenary culture


The Eno Gastronomia of the Valdisieve area was born far back in time, Meat, Wines, Vegetables and Oratggi have made the history and culture of these places providing for centuries in Florence those culinary excellences that are famous in the world.

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The majestic forests of conifers and conifers of the ridges of the Florentine mountain - Valdisieve offer together with the guides of the territory the opportunity for healthy and unforgettable visits, walks or trekking

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Ancient parish churches and castles are the backbone of the history of the Valdisieve. Visiting them, knowing them touching them is the only way to understand the history of these places and discover that Florence came later ....

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The Ancient Etruscan, Roman, Medieval, Eighteenth-century Streets, the Ancient Via di San Francesco retracing them is the most beautiful way to understand how the use of the territory changes over the centuries

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The Forest Bathing
An important opportunity for forestry medicine that is offered to everyone in our area who wants to learn a method of well-being ...

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